We are excited to announce that our organization is taking the next step in preventive measures to protect our players.
Thanks to Head Coach, Dan Ruiz and his professional relationship with The Growth of a Game, who has partnered with Guardian, the Holstebro Dragons will be utilizing the newest innovation and technology to minimize the risk of injury to our players.

The Growth of a Game is a company that is doing AMAZING things for American football all over Europe. They are, "Connecting American football advocates across Europe and providing them with the tools they need to succeed."
Guardian is an American company located in Georgia who has created an incredible piece of equipment. Guardian Innovations, "has a passion for protecting athletes and continually develop technologies that can enhance sports equipment".

Guardian is currently in the process of making a big push to introduce European football teams to this "Helmet Caps". They have selected the Holstebro Dragons as the team they would like to use in their advertising campaign to promote this product all over Europe, to an estimated 1,500 teams.
The Dragons organization is continuing to work hard to raise the bar and create the most professional organization and team possible. We care about our players safety and we are excited for this opportunity to lead the way in better protecting our players.

This is part 1 of a 4 part series so stay tuned for updates on the Dragons' use of this product.